July Media Mentions Etc.

The Yukon News has compiled some priorities of each candidate in the Yukon in this article:

*Note1* I am well aware that the climate of the earth has been changing as long as it has existed – I don’t deny the many various ways the climate has change before and during my lifetime 🙂 I definitely don’t accept the propaganda that you or I have any meaningful affect on climate or that carbon dioxide is pollution – rather, it is the building block of life!

*Note2* Here is an excellent article debunking man-made climate change


*Note3* Here is some good analysis of the cost of the Conservative Party’s Paris Climate Accord compliance

John Ivison: Review of Scheer’s climate plan a reminder that there are no free lunches

A new study by EnviroEconomics says the Conservative plan will send Canada’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into reverse