Private Member’s bills to be introduced:

When PPC Candidates Paul Mitchell (Red Deer – Mountain View) and/or Laura-Lynn Thompson (Red Deer – Lacombe) and/or Mark Friesen (Saskatoon – Grasswood) and/or Joseph Zelezny (Yukon) are Elected to the House of Commons

Rural Protection Act Summary: This enactment amends the storage, display, transportation and handling of firearms by individuals regulations. It also amends the definitions. Since most rural Canadians have limited access to timely police protection, the purpose of this Act is to enable effective self-defence and protection for these Canadians (on their property). The Act accomplishes this by removing the current barriers in the Firearms Act which hinder self-defence and protection in rural areas.

Property Protection Act Summary: This enactment protects the legal property owned by Canadians by authorizing them to effectively protect their legally owned property.

Full text of both Acts available here: