Want to help or donate?

We are currently recruiting volunteers as well as donations to ensure a successful election campaign.

If you are able to make a donation of any amount, we would greatly appreciate it as it will help tremendously in helping to get the message out.

The Yukon Electoral District Association and candidate do not receive any funding except what is donated to them directly by Yukoners.

We are able to accept donations:

  • cheques written to: Yukon – PPC Association
  • Paypal – you can send from your account to yukonppc@protonmail.com as well as by using the ‘Donate Now’ buttons on the website
  • Credit card payments can be accepted in person or over the phone
  • interac e-transfer payments sent to yukonppc@protonmail.com (please follow up separately with the password)

Contributors qualify for a generous tax credit on their federal tax return.

ContributionTax CreditActual Cost

Legal limits on contributions to federal political parties:
Please note that in 2019, you are allowed to donate up to $1600 to the People’s Party of Canada. You can also donate another $1600, in total, to all the registered riding associations, nomination contestants and candidates of the People’s Party.