CEO & Official Candidate – Yukon – PPC Association

Joseph Zelezny, a principled advocate for freedom, free markets, health and fiscal responsibility, is the first People’s Party of Canada candidate for the federal electoral district of the Yukon Territory.

Joseph was born to immigrant parents who came to Canada for a better life after escaping the communist regime in eastern Europe in the 1980’s.

Joseph grew up in Ontario and later in British Columbia and was fortunate to have traveled across Canada, the United States of America and much of Europe. Learning to understand the value of money and being appreciative of how challenging it was to save enough through hard work to enable traveling the experiences of which were critical in his formative years, Joseph came to appreciate countless cultures and traditions that celebrated life on this amazing planet.

Joseph is fond of nature and technology and appreciates the great Canadian outdoors. He is very active in sports and participates in many team sports such as soccer and basketball as well as individual disciplines including swimming, wrestling, mountaineering, biking and skiing.

Joseph understands how important it is to be involved in enabling the freedom of fellow Canadians’ values. After several years of studying topics such as Political Science, History, Communications and International Relations in BC and Europe, Joseph set his focus on a certificate of technical studies program at BCIT to become a Network Administrator Technician. Joseph then continued his studies at the Justice Institute and has been pursuing a Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies on a part time basis. He has paused those studies for the time being to focus on his work and this campaign.

Throughout the years, Joseph has had jobs ranging from coaching gymnastics and trampoline, to construction, operating a gardening and landscaping business, as well as working for elections Canada and elections BC. IT is Joseph’s passion and he has held various roles and consulting contracts ranging from working at Simon Fraser University to working in the oilsands for several amazing construction management and Oil & Gas companies followed later by roles in a power generating company and in the telecommunications sector after the work in Alberta dried up. Joseph is pleased he has made Yukon his home.

It was during the last 3 years that Joseph began to discover how and why economic conditions have changed so rapidly when one day everything seemed to be going well for countless Canadians and then in very short time countless Canadians fell on hard times and haven’t recovered since. This research took him in some unexpected paths to eventually discover a passion for finding solutions not only for IT problems, but rather for the woes that ail countless Canadians today and to help fix and ensure a more prosperous Canada. Ultimately, that led to him joining the PPC, first taking on the role as President of the Yukon Electoral District Association and finally to deciding to put his name in the running to be the candidate for the Yukon under the PPC banner.

Joseph was always very fond of the saying “the greatest evil in the world is for good men to do nothing” together with “be the change you want to see”. Joseph has taken these mottos to heart and has the courage to be a leader at a time that is most important.

He will stand up for his fellow neighbours and not cower when challenges arise or Cultural Marxism (political correctness) rears its ugly head. He will not be bullied by those who demand preferential treatment simply because they wish it. Joseph feels, freedom of speech is paramount to freedom and prosperity and it is imperative to ensure this and all other freedoms in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are upheld. He also believes it is critical the Constitution be respected to enable a Canada where all Canadians can prosper. When prosperity abounds, we can then help solve other problems to ensure the continuous progress.

Joseph has witnessed the politics of late deteriorate so much of what once made Canada world a world class destination to live, work, travel to and admire for just how free and prosperous all Canadians made it so.

With Maxime Bernier’s example, “it is time stand up and fight for freedom since it directly relates to prosperity”, it is time to act responsibly and be fair and respectful and restore Canada to its former glory, a nation built on unity that Canadians can together be proud of. A nation that innovates and leads the world in energy, technology, health, environment, science, space, agriculture and industry.

Countless times he’s thought to himself, Canada could and should be the most prosperous nation on earth – we are blessed with so much abundance of natural resources and amazing people from all over the world. Joseph regularly asks himself, “why is our economy and hope for a prosperous and free future being destroyed?”

There is no good reason why Yukoners and Canadians should not prosper, why they shouldn’t be the healthiest, the happiest, and the most united. Let’s do this, let us all make it happen together.